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  • The magic of cello and trumpet

    The magic of cello and trumpet

    Two diametrically opposed musical instruments (Zafiroula Handi- cello and Konstantinos Gravos- Trumpet), coexist and complement each other harmoniously, creating interesting musical dialogues. Compositions by Piazzolla, Saint Saens, Shostakovich, Pachelbel, Celtic traditional music, but also timeless, favorite melodies, from different times and parts of the world, are interpreted in a contemporary and original way.

  • Scrap Music

    Scrap Music

    Scrap Music performs improvisations based on the audience, the day and the acoustics

  • Jean-Loup Longnon

    Jean-Loup Longnon

    Jean-Loup Longnon is a French jazztrumpeter, composer, and arranger. He is the nephew of Guy Longnon.