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Vlatos, an ancient Cretan village of peace and culture, welcomes you to discover our beautiful forests, mountains, rivers, churches, architecture and hospitality. There are lots of things to discover in Vlatos.

Community Center

The Vlatos community center was build around 1993 to host around 200 people including a kitchen and an office. This is the place where all the important village gatherings take place.


The construction of this church started in 1884 and stopped in 1889 because the roof had collapsed and the people decided to leave the structure as it was and returned to one of the other churches in Vlatos. This collapse of the roof is still clearly visible by the two cracks on the left and right sides of the walls. Around 2000 a new roof was added to save the structure. This is the place of Vlatos Jazz.


The school from Vlatos was operational until the 90’s of the last century and held up to 30 children of all ages. Now a days the school is used as a museum of crafts and it has a small setup showing the items of the old school dating back to the 19th century. You can visit the museum by appointment (please sent an email to


Since its birth as a village around 1500 AD Vlatos has build many churches. All of these can be visited all year around. Have a look at all our churches by foot or drive there with your car.

Park of Peace

Established by the village of Vlatos in cooperation with the Bavarian Forestry Office. The Park of Peace is an arboretum and is about 500.000m2 with multiple walking paths. You will find the park on the road to Milia Mountain Retreat & Restaurant.

Food & Drink

You can enjoy Cretan hospitality in many place around Vlatos. The old cafe neon where you will meet the locals sitting down after a day of work or sit down and have a wonderful meal by Vasilis Makrakis at Milia Mountain Retreat & Restaurant, eat souvlaki at Platanias Taverna and enjoy local dishes in Milos Taverna.


The village of Vlatos has a SILK OIL petrol station that is also a mini market providing all necessary energy for your stay and travels.

Vlatos Jazz World Music Festival

Vlatos Jazz is a yearly festival celebrating music from around the world. Today, the festival is running for more than 5 years and slowly becoming famous in Greece’s jazz circles. All concerts are acoustic (without amplifiers) and take place on our podium in the old little church next to the museum.


The village of Vlatos is home to several bed and breakfast locations and it is home to the awarded and famous eco resort Milia Mountain Retreat.


The future arrived in 2018 with OTE’s Rural South fiber optic network. There are a couple of open access points (WiFi) and many houses are jointly connected. If you find a WiFi access point the most likely password will be “kalimera”.